The Jigsaw

The Final Game
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2020-10-26 14:17:11 (UTC)

It don't work.

politics is a nasty game to play. when a moron of a leader gets elected nobody is happy. ive seen this everywhere and still it don't work.

protests and petitions are the most ineffective way of getting shit done. especially the online petitions. like fuck. fuck me sideways how stupid can you get. online petitions are for those who like to satisfy their ego without busting a nut. without actually getting out of their cozy dwellings and do something.

we all saw the mass carnage in the recent protests for the color of the skin. imagine that. Aliens would be like these species are not intelligent. we don't want all that negativity on us. lets fly outta here. i read so many tweets that if trump gets elected the people will leave the country. so think about it, the person who is sitting in the oval office in the most powerful position in the country is going to be sad if you, a fucking nobody living in a corner of the country decides to leave??? you are insignificant. get that straight. politics has become to corrupt that the people can do shit after the leader is elected. majority wins no matter if the majority is stupid. thats the unfortunate way and the path which will be our own demise.

storm the white house? naaaa that wont work. i dont know how politics works there in murica so can't say much. but i do know that protests and online bad mouthing will get nothing done. with all that power its hard to keep everyone happy. i wish you all the best. godspeed.