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2020-10-26 04:26:11 (UTC)


It was a cold day. I did some chores tidying the car, entertaining the little one, ordered take out.

I don't really have much to write about. When I think about writing in my diary I feel like a rusty old machine that needs a lot of that initial kinetic energy to get started again--to get the ball rolling.

Todoist is a great app. I keep telling people about it. You can just dump your mind of all the things you have to do and then go into tunnel vision mode to get each one of them done, but never forget about any of the things you have to do. You can avoid tasks, but they will never be forgotten. I use it for goal setting at all scales: from bringing my lunch, buying a particular ingredient to incremental long term life goals. It is scalable from small simple tasks to large tasks that can be subdivided into sub-tasks. It's so good at being a todo list. I tried to get into Notion and I feel like that app is trying to be too many things and not particularly specialized for growth. I like my stuff all separated and I don't like having all my eggs in one basket. That's what integrations are for, to help the different software talk to each other.

I feel like there's another program I am seeking as well. Sometimes there are documents I like to update while I am mobile, away from my computer. I want to be able to make changes on my phone but have had undesirable outcomes with versions being created due to intermittent mobile internet connections. I'd like to save time, not spend time unraveling the versions of my document if I even notice the versions. I thought about how I could solve this.
- maybe a temporary log that's similar to the master document so that all I can just enter all the info and then copy and paste them into the master document later. This would protect the master document from version issues.
- maybe a text document could be what I use to note changes that then can be properly entered into the master document. This way the master document doesn't get messed up with the mobile and version issues. This way only the tiny size text document is affected which might make the connection version issues less of an issue.
Both of these ways would prevent me from referencing the master document properly.....

My documents are usually formatted for desktop use so viewing and editing them on my small phone is usually really difficult as well.

I came up with a few other solutions that don't seem like they will age well. A mobile projector could enlarge the screen on my phone to make it easier to see the work. A bigger phone has been weeded out as an option too because I like my phone to be small and "mobile". These also don't solve the version issues. Maybe a web-based app is the way to go for the manifest of our storage.

I think about these things regularly searching for solutions that age well over time (so that I don't have to resolve the same problem a year later), that's simple and most cost-effective. Sometimes I'm searching for something that doesn't exist yet and I put it on hold and reassess later to see if new results come up. Sometimes the best solution is the current situation and I just need to accept it and be patient. Sometimes it's not.

I feel like that about work. The time to change jobs is January for my particular situation. If I don't do it this time, again, it will have to wait until next year again... I've postponed it 3 times now. My job is good but at the same time, the grass looks greener on the other side. I also know the grass is greener where you water. I think this is about the desire for change, new connections, and new things to learn. I definitely like learning new things. Or maybe I just want to see people in less of a crisis state all the time. I feel like it makes me see life through a particular lens--40% of marriages end up in divorce; why bother with marriage? The separation process is expensive not to mention the marriage event, to begin with.