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The Diary of a Romanian Girl
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2020-10-25 19:33:00 (UTC)

Why do I do this ?

Well, let's start this.
Welcome in my mind, new reader. It's my first entry and I was thinking about this for some time. I think that I searched the whole internet to find this site (thank Universe I found it) and sincerely, now that I start typing I don't really know why I do this.
I have a lot of opinions about almost anything. From basic things to spirituality, politics (from my country actually and just a little from others) and some more. I feel like I need to do this, to share my thoughts and opinions, to share my life. So maybe this is why I am here. I think I need some help with this topic: "Why do I do this". Please, help. I don't know if it's the right place to do this. What I have in mind is not really something that someone can put a tag on. I want to share everything like an author of a book. It's not a book, it's not a blog (but I am thinking about that). It's something. Just something.
Before you come in my mind and life, I want you to know stuff about me. Now, you are a friend for me. You can have opinions, reply to this entry, everything. Feel free. About me:
-> I am just a romanian girl trying to share her feelings, thoughts, etc
-> I want to share love and positivity.
-> I want to make people smile, learn from my own experiences and help them (if my entry can do that).
I try to be a "normal" person, in time with everybody, but I just can't. So this is why I am the mother and the wisest of the group. They call me "an old soul". Maybe it's true. Idk. I just know that I don't like everything that every teenage like. I feel a little bit excluded from any group. Sometimes I am a little too silent, sometimes I am too energic and loud. It's no in between. I feel people. I feel energies. It depends on their vibe how I am. I know that I don't really have a group. I just have friends who have groups and I combine them :))
I am high school student. It's my last year. I am a singer and a flutist (no, I don't have YouTube videos. I have just one with me from a flute concert). I also play the guitar and the ukulele. I love reading, learning languages, watching movies, walking, being in nature, being caring, helping people and animals. I love people, but we are so complicated sometimes. I also love you, my reader. You'll start knowing me a little more with every entry. Nice to meet you! Welcome in my mind! We are in this together now.
Enjoy our time :)