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2020-10-25 23:48:27 (UTC)

You know your'e poor when you can't buy the new iphone 12

So this article came up, lew also covered it on his lew later show.

It seems you can fly to Dubai from India, buy the Iphone 12 there, come back and still have money saved than if you would have purchased it here instead.

That's so true and the difference is totally mindblowing. For the price of an Iphone you can buy a second hand bike, buy an expensive gaming laptop, buy a dozen other up for rent and the list goes on...

What would be the economy if all the currency in the world would be the same? Rich...poor? order or chaos? A dollar there is almost 80 bucks for us here. So like its expensive what you guys take as everyday shit. It's even worse in other Asian and South american countries. How is it that US and UK became the two dominant currencies and the rest will bow down to them so as to speak?