taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2020-10-25 02:39:53 (UTC)

Foresty Forest

he lives in a van. Foresty Forest!

without a doubt, the most consistently wholesome and good (youtube) content available for consumption. just hanging out in the kitchen nook of his 2000 and late chevy uplander, cooking up ribs and delicious stews in his crockpot. as one does. pull out induction heater? why not! rooftop vent/solar panel combo? obvi.

inside of the van getting stale and he fat bikes out to freaking mountains and climbs them with minimal gear. and the drone footage from mountain peaks? you don't even know dude. but it's the perspective and heart and way of being that he brings that is really at the forefront, or in tandem with the --

i should really subscribe to his patreon or something as he has really, i mean, looking for things to get jazzed about during this bullshit timeline. it's not just a youtube channel it's *an experience*

he made a deep dish pizza *in* the slow cooker one time. like. bro. you already had me.