My thoughts through living.
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2020-10-25 02:21:51 (UTC)

Can you talk?

The problem with understanding people and how they work is knowing why they do things, why they talk as they do and the end to which they will eventually meet. With this, I feel very little friendship because people(naturally) want to talk when they want to talk. Im always open to any talk but when i want to talk, no one yet exists that wants to listen. even from a look at their messages as I tell them what's happening in my life I can see that they care so little. To bring it up is to catch them in the act. everyone thinks their a tot tier actor so wont want to admit it... but as a push... they will break. and then it is not their fault for not saying they have something to do or that their not in the mood but yours for being so... so.... And they cant continue, they just don't want to talk but blame the massager. they cannot say pushy because you hardly talk. they cant say self-centred because they talk more of them selves. but with certainty, they can say you are the problem. then by the next week, a notification. It them again. An apology? Attempt to reconsoul? Maybe they see wrong and want to talk about what you did before? Or maybe its the usual, a trip to the aquarium with an aray of picture to show. So you listen to their openning; an invetation to listen to what they have to say.

"So how way your trip?"

(its a weird thing but a short story that seems to tell most of what i want to say.... as much as it makes me seem like an edgy teen. cant help that, perception in that yo)