My thoughts through living.
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2020-10-24 22:10:54 (UTC)

almost an old self

I had another experience but like I once did, I just seen it as an experience only I can have. the short of what happed is there was a show and tell type of competition and someone brought a mummy. the mummy wasnt cartoony and wraped in paper, it was grey, decaying and alive. i could feel its flesh and bumps. it was filthy. then, for a short while i became the mummy and looked at myself. I was shocked at my own beauty. then i went to my own body and the same thing happened again without the switch.

Im thinning and adore it. this time while still getting to be full of myself, I'm conscious of how I would have acted without this unusual confidence. I intend on tryign to explain this the next time someone is made to check my pychy but doubt I can articulate it well as a problem.