taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2020-10-24 03:09:46 (UTC)

probably over reacting but

ian murray. my self-important (private) ear (wax removing) doctor. removed his mask to tell a story with facial expressions and kept it ear dangling for the reminder of my appointment. during the thick of the #2ndwave of a global pandemic. i felt assaulted. it's violent behaviour and frankly a violation of hippocratic oath maybe. unable to speak, i sat there, shrinking in my chair as he's leaning in. each breath a potential blast of those little bastards -- if he's *this* cavelier in his fucking private practice. fuck. also, he looked not all together tip top. maybe.

this was literally the first commercial space I've been in in 5 months since i last visited this bitch ass.
5 months undone in an instant potentially.

it was a shitty story. not even remotely worth telling.

f society

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