Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2020-10-23 13:20:06 (UTC)

I found a love

In the beginning of October I got really close to two people. They seem to mutually like me too. And honestly, I’m surprised I didn’t post an entry on this on October 4th. For a bit I wasn’t sure if I wanted Zoe or Kayla more. I knew a bit more about Zoe and I knew Kayla was a cisgender girl. Well I lean more with masculine men so I took the initiative to ask Zoe out. They seemed a little.... unsure? If that’s the right word. They definitely liked me and agreed to dating but they didn’t want me to pick them and I regret my choice. Sometimes I think about how it would be if I was with Kayla but I know that someday I’ll have Zoes cock in my mouth and I’ll know I made the right choice. Both have been the nicest people which is mainly why it was kinda hard to choose. Zoe was more forthright about being lewd and so naturally I’m attracted to that too. Kayla and another guy shared some feelings and so I pushed her to ask him out, he said yes. So I felt happy for the both of them, because Kayla is a best friend and that guy is super lucky to have her.
Also seeing her face, she is honestly like.. really hawt. Like both sexy and cute. She really is perfect but... at the end of the day, I’d rather have my Zoe to hold me on each cold night.

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