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2020-10-24 02:08:06 (UTC)

The unexpected.

so two things I haven't told anyone

First is an incident happened years back. On my way to the train station from work I have this path to follow. Daily I used to walk it. Its a city dwelling so imagine streets crowded and building with alleys in them. So on my walk I noticed an attractive lady ahead of me. I thought that she would be going towards the station too. She did have her formal attire on. And was heading towards the station so logically I had a strong hypothesis. Just for the heck of it I thought. Then she took a turn towards the alley which I never went into. I said fuck it and I followed. Son of a stalker it turns out it was a fucking short cut to the station. Shaved a good 10 mins from my time and it passed a bakery so the aroma of fresh breads was too appetizing for me. After that one day I never saw her again. Maybe her timings were different. Who knows. Anyways so that's story one.

Second incident is a bit embarrassing but fucking a guy I had my fair share of porn. Here the government has blocked all the major porn sites. So we have to settle for scraps. So on my quest to find some new sites I landed up one which is not a porn site per se but where girls and guys strip and chat on camera. I dont understand the token and points system there. If anyone got a clue then good. So here I am with a super cute brunette wearing a bikini and sitting and just typing away at her viewers. I was in the free chat room so again dunno how it all works. U gotta pay to chat directly or something. Anyways I wasn't the only one there. I could read the comments which were very direct in expressing their hormones.

But me being me got fixated on the song she was playing in the background. She was swaying to it. So I decided to type in my first ever message..

I asked her if she could be so kind as to tell me the name of the song. Now just imagine amongst a column of you are sexy and lets see those boobs type comments here comes mine asking for the

She obliged and gave me the name. Then I checked some other sites and came back and again a new song which caught my attention. So I message again. She too replied. I was happy and thanked her and left. I'm pretty sure that was the first for her..

Then I even recommended the songs to my friends and thank the devil they didn't ask me from where I got them.