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2020-10-23 11:23:21 (UTC)

Loving my day 😊

Woke up today feeling the cool air in my home. Chilly morning just means I get to hug my nice hot cup of coffee a little more. I love these mornings. I think that trip I took last weekend was just the thing. To see the trees and how fricking majestic the scenery was with the foliage and all that was fantastic. I love the calmness the smaller older towns make me feel. It makes me think if a place like the would be a place I'd like to retire? Nah, not me. I'm like a human squirrel. I'd probably be better off retiring in Manhattan or something (Just a faraway dream. Never ever going to be able to afford to live like that). Anyway, being out there exploring the sites makes me feel so lucky to be able to see all of that. Plus, when do I get to even type the work foliage? haha.

Last night, I was able to put together, burn in, and set up the wireless connection for my new Recteq 590 pellet grill. Loaded the app on my phone so I can control it by remote. So funny to say. A wireless remote controlled pellet grill. Had issues with my wifi because the grill only can connect at 2.4K and not on 5K. Good thing I'm in IT and just logged into the router and tweaked it to work. So after all of that, what did I cook? Hot dogs and Spam just for kicks and because I didn't have any real meats in the fridge to cook. I do plan on cooking prime rib today and maybe port ribs this weekend.

Today, the other smaller Recteq 380 grill is being delivered. This one is for quicker high temp grilling (Apparently the big Recteq 590 grill I bought can go only near 450° F or something like that. The one coming today is smaller and can crank up to 700° F . Seems a little weird that I'd need two fancy-smancy grills but I'm already committed and I drank the Kool Aid so that's that there. I want to host a bbq for the friends that helped me out when I was out of commission and brought me all my meals along with my core friends too of course. So I'm trying to learn how to properly smoke hamburger , briskets, tri tip, prime rib, pork ribs, etc, etc along with the seasoning that will make it taste even yummier. I have a hamburger press and want to mix the meat with seasoning. Maybe some fried onions, green peppers, olives, and some teriyaki sauce mixed in to the raw meat before grilling? I'll Google it and figure it out.

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