Rob Floyd
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2020-10-23 12:51:01 (UTC)

Quarantine Day 9

Feeling fine today. Got up early (for me), around 8:30 or so. My wife had cut me up some fruit. We had a little fight before she left for work. Nothing major, just annoying shit. I had asked her to show me a little something since Im not getting anything in the way of the "human needs" department right now, being quarantined and all. I actually asked her to do a strip tease for me. She started to, then said it was stupid and walked out on me. I wound up getting up and goin out back and doing some curls with my weights. Came back in and had some breakfast. I found out Mike from wok is leaving for another department. Trish called me yesterday and was annoyed that he hadnt told us about it. I really dont care, its his business, to me. I wished him well and told him I had enjoyed working with him in a text. I think Ill walk the dogs then maybe go for another car ride today. Maybe planning on not being home when she gets home this afternoon. She annoyed me! She could have done that for me this morning!

3 things:

1. I have lost a little weight during my quarantine. I can see my ribs! And my gut has gone down a little. Not that Im fat or anything, but am getting a beer gut for sure.
2. Thankful for my dog Johnny that we took in after Daddy passed away. He was a pian inthe ass for a while, with digging under the fence and going through the neighbors yard to wander the streets. Hasnt done that lately.
3. I had great freinds and family that have prayed for me and sent me well wishes during my time with Covid. I also work for 2 companies that have paid me during my time off. Cant get much better than that.