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2020-10-23 11:24:11 (UTC)

Some unforgettable beautiful Memories

Time spent with V was one of the wonderful times I spent with him. Most of my life has been boring and sad but when j met V we began hanging out, talking, making memories, love, talk abt future, supported each other, guided had lots of fun and private jokes and moments everything done with him was fascinating why shouldn't be? He was my first love affair that too long term. I invested lot of my love, trust, dedication in this relationship. I dreamt of so many things for our lives from home decor till vacations everything. Well all that thing couldn't happen for whatever happened, it hurts but that's our destiny. It's been 7 months now we are not together and still shock me. But each and every moment of my day good bad sad or happy I miss him. He is in my topic of breakfast, in the topic of movies, places, rains, drives every damn thing reminds me of him. Because 4 yrs is not less time. There are. many beautiful sweet memories of us I want to write down so that when I read after few yrs I'll smile cheerfully. The thought of he not in my life and someday he will care and love someone like he did me is just not acceptable. Am sure he was much into me as much I am. He everytime promised me that even if his parents dnt agree he will marry me, he will marry here in Mumbai, he always said it's about us and we will do what's good for us and I believed blindly and happily falling more for him. I miss him terribly. I miss his strong figure to which I hugged like a baby, how his warmth would bring a sense of protection in me, his eye would bring trust and his presence would calm me. I don't know that he even felt half of which I feel. I still imagine him in front of me standing tall and looking at me down as if I'm a small girl who he was proud of, I imagine him consoling me as kn going through a bad time. I imagine him just like it's shown in a movie. That feeling of seeing a sight of your loved ones can't be expressed its like a sweet heart attack.
Aahhhhh baby.... Monkuuuuu why you broke my trust and left me alone??? I dnt blame destiny I'll always will blame you. You left me 😔alone.

So what I missed today abt us was
1. This is the most crazy thing happened with us. We were in lift and he had consumed beer. I pecked on his lip and some how we began kissing, a slight taste and smell of alcohol did something that I liked and we continued untill door opend and one aunty saw us and taunted of having cctv in the lift 😂🤣😂😹😂😹😂😹 we both were embarrassed and left. Most funny thing.

2. While we had gone to shimla. I had constipation and v made me drink warm water, hot tea and made me walk in the room. He promises for 10 rounds but took 20 round and counted self. And then I ran for potty🤣🤣😂😂😅😅

3. He would always shout me when I use to drive take left take right and I blindly followed his instructions. One day he shouted me loudly and I panicked I double raised my voice and asked him to shut up or else I'll stop the car in the middle of road. Later he sulked of me shouting on him🤣🤣😅😅😂😂😂

I'll write everyday what I miss abt us.