My thoughts through living.
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2020-10-23 01:14:41 (UTC)

moving on

The more I think of that day the less it makes sense. Having told my university welfare team, I'm again going to see the early intervention team. There supposed to diagnose and identify the early signs of psychosis. I expect nothing will come of this. I know by the time I see them I will become so high on myself that the experience I had is proof I am infact a multi-dimensional being. I'd love to say that's an exaggeration but it might just be and underestimation.

Beyond this, I fear going outside because it might start again. Talking to my friend helped a lot. They just talked about a short film they intended to make and how they should upload it. I just enjoy talking to them. Then again, I never feel like I can talk to them about what I do with me.