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2020-10-22 20:10:26 (UTC)

Hospital days

Today was day 4 in the hospital. Mom will have a surgery on Saturday that is a day after tomorrow and will be discharged on Sunday. She will probably rest for 2 days at sis place and will go back home. Also she will be on rest for few days at home. So j have a long days to go. Whole of month will be busy with this.
I hope to get job soon as I'll complete my 1 yr of unemployment very soon. Darn V fuck you for this all.
While I had a chat with v day before ✅ he told me that I won't get someone like him.. Fuck youni don't want a loser like you in my life who would back out. K donno if I get one though bwahahaha. Then after some time he says that he wish me that I meet someone very good than him. Whaaaat are you kidding me man don't you have any sharam?? Fuck you how can you ruined someone's life and then wish together someone good. Reallyyyyyy.... Ufff butbi was mad that I don't shun him. He gets pissed off when I blame him he is not even sry for what all happened coz he think that he dint cause this but actually he casued this all entirety.
Fuck why do I keep talking abt him... When he doesn't care why should I??
I shud sleep now it's almost 2am.
So this is how heartbreak is. You miss your ex exactly at this time, you miss all good times, you cry, you listen songs which makes you feel more bad, you miss him whenever you are stuck sad, happy. You want him back but also don't want him. Also heartbreak pains alot as the time passes like a good old wine.
Ufffff I hate him... Cya God bless us