The Jigsaw

The Final Game
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2020-10-23 02:01:15 (UTC)

Seeing things differently.

The world of gadgets and smartphones.
The world of music and reviews and reactions.
The world of nonsense that is tik tok and snapchat
The world of the irritating optimistic humans and wellbeing and healthy living.
The world of food and culture
The world of politics and news
The world of science and technology.

At any given time I bet you would be at any one of the worlds mentioned above. See your YouTube subscriptions. Thats it. Thats all that we know. The entire compendium if what it meana to be human all categorized for you.

Currently its all about the superfast charging smart phones. Why thou???
Fast charging means you will be addicted to your phone even more. Thats not good. I'm sure I ain't the only one who thinks this. Subliminal messaging to our subconscious to stick to our phones. The fact that we charge our phone for hours means we can get other shit done.

There is so much of bs floating around and sometimes I feel i got x ray vision to see past it.