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Through My Eyes
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2020-10-22 19:28:54 (UTC)

Favorite Driving Locations

Since my license has been reinstated to drive again, soon as I log off from working at home I immediately jump in to my car and just start driving. The locations I’ve been wanting to drive to lately is Downtown Los Angeles and the Vincent Thomas Bridge. I didn’t understand initially why I chose these two places to drive to. I just happily drove and enjoyed the drive while listening to my favorite radio station. I now understand why I chose these two places to drive to and it’s because I miss my brother Chad Willis who passed away in 2018, he used to be downtown all the time and the reason I want to go over the bridge is because I miss my uncle Vincent Morris who passed away some years ago too. I know at some point I’m going to have to let you go but my heart won’t let me right now. My family believes this is the reason I started having seizures because I miss both of y’all so much. I’m crying right now as I type this, I truly love you both and wish you both was here with me, maybe I wouldn’t feel so lonely if you both was here. I truly miss and love you both.