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2020-10-22 12:09:26 (UTC)

The waling game 😤

I'm at home waiting for my shippers to arrive. One to pick up a grill that wasn't even supposed to be delivered. The other one from a different shipping company for the grill I did order. Both shippers coming today with near the same window for arrival. The one picking up is so flaky. I can't believe they came by the other day and took a picture indicating no package was to be found to pick up so they just drove by! Didn't call or knock on my door as we were waiting for someone to do so. I was so livid. Now, I have to laugh because shippers were so stupid, you just can't help but shake your head and laugh.

So now I'm sitting in my kitchen keeping an eye out for the delivery truck.Door to the garage is open and also the garage door. I don't trust them at all. In fact, I better put on my gym shoes to make sure I can leap up at any moment to chase down that delivery truck. I've not chased down a truck since I was a kid chasing down the ice cream truck. 🤪