Rob Floyd
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2020-10-22 12:29:30 (UTC)

Quarantine Day 8

Slept for about another 9 hours last night. Got up and id my mental workout with Lumosity. Got a workout in out back on my mat, some yoga. Made a phone call to my father. I told him i had caught the virus. He didnt frak out too bad. Just asked me how it felt and what the VA did for me, which wasnt much of course. All they told me was to take tylenol. Im feeling ok today. Nose is still stuffy, cant taste anything although my taste may be coming back (not that I had great taste to begin with LOL). Today Im planning on taking a nice relaxing bath, maybe take the dogs for a walk, and take a drive around town again. Looking forward to the Giants/ Eagles football game tonight. What are you going to to do with your life when this is over with?

3 things:

1. Two loyal, smart dogs that I guess are mine now. They follow me around and pay attention to everything I do
2. A hardworking wife
3. So blessed to have 2 jobs that will pay me during my sickness/absence.