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2020-10-22 14:53:55 (UTC)

When your heart and brain is on the same path.

Sometimes your heart and your brain fight. Like your heart will make you do some dumb shit and your brain will be like WTF dude. Sometimes your heart tells you to stay with someone when you know your brain is saying RUN. The most amazing thing ever is when your heart and your mind is on the same page!! That is where I'm at right now. I'm thinking clearly and it is such a good feeling. When something bad happens we only focus on the negative feelings that situation brings but in every bad thing that happens is a silver lining. For me it's leaving my ex after he mistreated me and I was the one feeling bad about it but now he is making himself look dumb and proving to everyone that I was right about him. I don't feel bad for him. He will get to where he needs to be but I'm not sticking around waiting for him to realize that. I wish him all the best.