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2020-10-22 16:58:58 (UTC)

then comes the plague

i wash my hands a lot. after i touch something outside of my room. any package delivery. my dinning wear. everything washed. a habit formed pre virus days. simply cause i know how dusty and dirty this city is. i envy you westerners. how clean everything is. if i don't wipe for a few days i can write my name in the layer of dust. i don't trust the people of this country when it comes to hygiene. thats my motto. kept me alive. paranoid but true.

its the first rule which is told to us since the start. wash hands, wear a mask and keep distance. but for fuck sakes these humans and their idiotic ways. i can't control them. so i control what i can. theres construction work going on at home. workers coming in and out all day. its just basic things you do. wash and don't touch your face. how hard can it be?

people don't do that for some reason and then the virus spreads and then they blame the leaders for not doing enough. I know you have an incompetent person in charge and so do we but they can only do so much. even if the head of state doesn't tell you to wear a mask it's common sense. i started wearing a mask before it was made compulsory cause i knew.

i wonder something. i have an inclination towards science. certain concepts like quantum theory and physics and light etc fascinate me. i know this isn't true for all. so is it that stuff comes more easily to us than others. like when you see light do you think of all the different colors and wavelengths. that bees can see ultraviolet and we don't. we can see just a small part of the light spectrum. do you think about all that? what would happen if we could see more colors? that shit keeps me up at