London Life
2020-10-21 22:21:28 (UTC)

The slowest 5k

Rather than volunteer today, I went to a trial session at Victoria Park, mainly because I knew there'd be a good social afterwards. I decided my ankle had had enough rest to attempt the 5km, though it took me nearly 27 minutes, my slowest ever, as the injury is still slowing me down. Iman assumed I would beat her, as I did at Arsenal, but that wasn't going to happen. I really like her, she's got a happy disposition and a nice gravelly London accent. Paul actually lapped me, but I finished a few seconds ahead of a Spanish girl, who was keen to chat to me afterwards.

I also talked to a quiet girl, Ivy, who I've actually seen before at Stepney. Both cafes were too busy, so we got takeaways at the Cafe On The Park and drank them standing inside the park.

Afterwards I cycled home and didn't start my article until 19:30, though I was catching up on emails, etc, rather than looking at sexy pictures (apart from taking screen grabs of a girl enjoying herself). I had the facts of the article in my head (about the effects of rule changes over the years) but spent ages touching it up, improving it and reducing it from 390 words, which initially seemed impossible.