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2020-10-21 15:14:56 (UTC)

My Dumbass moment🤪

So I told my PT (physical therapist) that let's do weekly Wed therapy at the same times. So when it got set up, I didn't look at the schedule. Well, it was not setup as we discussed and I had no appt today. Doh!!!! I feel old and stupid. Anyway, since I had some free time, I went to the kayak shop and picked up parts for my Hobie. Then I noticed that the new gym opening up is nearby and of course, I had to take a peek at it being built. The gym is huge!!! There are two big ass rooms! It's under construction at the moment and the paint is still not dry. I was getting a high checking it out which I don't mind. Isn't sniffing glue the cheap and easy thing back in the 60s? lol. Here is a pic of one room under construction and there is still another room next door that is just as big. I can't wait.

I don't use FB so much anymore but I posted this and other pics on FB. I got a surge of comments and replies from all the gym peeps including some of my cliques from the former Sunrise gym. We are all coming back to this gym once it's opened. We split into 3 different gyms at one point and this gym will bring us back together again. We even had a nickname for awhile called "The Sunrise Orphans". Well, not anymore. We will end up having the newest and largest gym. So with that, we will be sure to bring in the best coach and that'll probably be the former Sunrise coaches. One was like a professor. He had awesome technical info on how each move is done. The other coach was just full on burn, burn, burn. You come out of that gym session physically depleted. Again, I can't wait.

Got home and my landlord and his wifey dropped by. We chatted in the past and now we're going to go fishing together. His wife don't want him fishing alone in his inflatable zodiac or something like it. Never saw it before. I love my kayak and will be kayak fishing out of there. So.. his wifey don't want him going alone. Me? I love fishing but if it also helps with him not raising my rent, well...... sorry.. the devil in me will have to learn the politics and hang out with him so he won't raise my rent. Haha. He is a cool guy though and how can trout fishing with anyone be a bad thing? Here is the lake we're going to. They stock their lake with all kinds of trout breeds I never even heard of before. A couple of years ago, The stocked and I caught something called lightning trout! It was beautiful. Now, they got another type that I again never saw or even heard of.

These are cut bows

These are something else too.

I think my Landlord and I are going next week Tuesday. We may or may not spend the night.

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