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The Final Game
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2020-10-22 03:23:43 (UTC)

Which is...

which is the oldest memory you still have?

Mine is one of my birthday parties when I was a kid. Just few flashes of it. Like who was there. The hanging banner. I remember writing on the cake box, touch this and die. Definitely a quote I picked from a movie I dont remember. Hahaha.

I remember my school days. I used to sit alone after lunch and watch the kids play. They all had groups I was the outsider. Then after years I found out the library allows you entry on a certain ticket. That ticket you need to stand in line for. So in the first short break I used to run to the small booth for the ticket. Keep it as my precious. Then after lunch during the lunch break I would go up to the library and read Readers Digest. Fuck how I miss that little journal. It was my favorite thing to read.

If ya has to recollect your past and state one significant event all through the years would ya be able to? Isnt it like levels of a game. Every years passes the challenges get tougher. Your toddler is a noob. Your grandparents are on their way to fight the final boss. You're the rookie.

In the end over.

If I had one question that would be answered, it would be what happens exactly to the human conscience after we die. Like for real but an end to the debate of heaven and hell. Soul. Etc. I mean nobody would believe you but you would know.