Rob Floyd
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2020-10-21 15:13:27 (UTC)

Quarantine Day 7

I was a little drowsy last night, went to bed early with the World Series on. Fell asleep and slept until about 7:30 am this morning. Nearly 10 hours. I got up and asked the wife to cut up some fruit for me like shes been doing. I took it out back and was going to get a workout in. My friend James called to check on me. His wife has the big C. He said she was doing good. We talked about how marijuana helps cancer patients. A lot of medical professionals wont tell you that, but some will. I did get a light yoga workout in. Got a little sweat going. Came in and had some cereal and watched a fantasy football show. Took the dogs for a walk. Took a shower. I wanted to go for a drive today. I love driving around Biloxi and D'Iberville. I stopped in Harrah's parking lot (Never getting out of the car of course), because for some reason that place seems to be a healing place. I always feel better when I go there. I cant explain it. Maybe its on Native American healing ground. I tied to to take a little nap inthe car, but its just still so goddamn hot down here on the Gulf Coast. I stayed and listened to WFAN for maybe 20 minties, but it got so hot in he car I had to get the hell out of there. Im kinda drained now, so I may lay down for a while. I thought my sense of tase was coming back, but it was false hope. I still cant taste anything at this point. Nose is kinda stuffy. Head still feels pressure. Gonna lay down for a little while, maybe take a nap. Will try to check back in later.

3 Things:

1. I was feeling well enough to take a drive around town today.
2. My wife has some really great people she works for who have let her go to their house and make some money. (she tested negative for the virus yesterday)
3. A friend like James who called me up to check on me.