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2020-10-22 00:39:17 (UTC)

i read that..

I read that the education system all over is faulty. that they are only concerned about results. not on learning. only focused on degrees and reputation.

i remember watching a documentary on the tribes in Africa and other rural places. for centuries the elders passed down their knowledge by word. no written records. just their wisdom and experience imparted to the next generation by sitting down and talking to them. word for word.. practical knowledge on how to survive. same with martial arts. years ago the master had only one student to train. to focus and teach him the ways handed down to him by his masters. Anakin had Obi Wan just as Obi Wan had Qui-Gon.

now look at us. we come out with long fancy degrees and still jobless. stress. failure. suicide. workplace discrimination. list goes on..... we read books on how to start a fire but never pick up sticks and rub them together. we talk big and do little. that's the norm. thats human society now.
money makes you happy. it's a fact. even if anyone told you otherwise it's a lie. the only place where this money doesn't buy you happiness is when you live with some tribes middle of no where. your money ain't gonna serve you starbucks. you gotta kill. you gotta survive. you gotta be happy with the bare necessities.

i think happiness becomes a problem when we want what we don't have. we want more and more shit to be happy. but its a bottomless pit. never fills up. always wanting more.

in lockdown and even before having no social life i collected almost ten grand on not spending. the amount of money you save when you don't eat out or don't binge on brands is just insane. starbucks just rips you off. just calculate the price on one of your coffee and then see how much you save on it. here a short latte is around 200 bucks. grande chocolate cappuccino is over 300 bucks!! fuckkkk!! do the math, i save 300 bucks daily thats 2100 bucks weekly thats 63 thousand rupees monthly. just by not going to starbucks!! fuccckkkk!! even if i don't go there daily i can never be satisfied with paying 300 bucks for a cup of coffee. no matter how rich i get. now with the money saved finally i could order stuff i couldn't earlier. Books and a good bookshelf for my 100 or so collection but i know it's not going to last and it's momentary. i will feel poor once i spend the money. then happy again when i get more. thats human behavior. that's just the way it is. society has made it such that you have to have money to be happy. inflation. sudden shortage of supply. you never know.

i remember this meme. a priest knocks on the door of an eskimo and tells him about God etc. So the eskimo asks him, if we don't accept Jesus we go to hell. if we accept him we go to heaven and there are rules to follow.. the priest said yes. So then the eskimo said then why the fuck would you tell me this i was much happier knowing nothing of it!! now i don't remember if it was an eskimo or some other race but the point stuck with me. ignorance is truly bliss in a lot of ways. since we perceive our own reality we can't say for sure whats real and whats not. we are just made up of electrical signals and chemical reactions. we live and then we die.

also a recent meme which made me chuckle. it has a caption which reads that how can you be so calm in such a time where everything is shut and financially everyone is barely surviving. the next line says if you live poor before lockdown then this doesn't seem so bad. if you live rich before and spend all your cash away on non essentials and take that for granted then now you feel you are in deep shit....rite???