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2020-10-21 19:11:07 (UTC)

War of the Gods

Of all the Gods the humans pray to, the Norse ones are my favorite. Who is there to stop me from praying to Thor instead of Jesus?? It's all fiction anyways.

I like Vikings more than the Romans or the Egyptians or even the Aztecs. Each civilization holds great and amazing conquests. All woven in the fabric of human history. None greater than the other.

The brilliant Ricky was in a talk show and debating about God. He said that if all the religious books are gone to dust..we can't ever get them back. We can't rewrite the holy books since we have no account. BUT for science it is possible. Science we can do experiments which have the same result even if you are black, white or living in some abandoned island cause you didn't accept their God as yours. That is something spot on if you think about it. Newtons laws hold true till now. They can be redone again and again. Holy books are works of fiction to control the minds. That's how i see it.

So coming back i like the Vikings, the brute strength. The time when men were called men. No sissys. No im offended by your gender bullshit. Live to kill. Savage times indeed. Eat, drink, plunder and be happy..Hahha.