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2020-10-21 12:09:08 (UTC)

Monku...gile shikhve

Yesterday I buzzed him. We chatted long. It was nice chatting to him until he again started defending his parents. My blood boils when he talk and think and consider his parents and don't even think about me. I gave him good hearing as well. By his talks it feels like he has gotten over me and it doesn't matter much to him. I say this everytime because this amaze me, it's still surprising and it also hurts me that i get angry on self. Inspire of knowing that my mom is in hospital he don't ask me today about her health. I guess he also get scared that i might pillion on him lol that won't happen darling don't worry.
Yesterday he chatted but not how my monku chat with me. He is no more my monku. I guess he has accepted it. I buzzed him coz am alone I have many things to take care of and am lonely and wanted him to comfort me but no he did not. But giving him some hearing did made me feel little good. Am worried of job jow long do j have to be like this when things will be fine. Yesterday I cried thinking of my good times and while chatting with monku. I don't think he will ever understand how deep it has hurt me that even thinking of him shivers my lips and my eyes get wet. How unfaithful and unloyal he could be in my case. All that love was a lie, it was just his need as he was alone, now he is with family and he need me no more. But I know he will regret of it.

Moms wbc increased from 16000 to 18000 but today they fell to 10000 am bit relaxed. We did her mri to find Infection. I know she will be fine soon. She needs rest after discharge. In hospital it's so boring. Why it doesn't happen like movies that a girl meet a guy why don't I meet someone interesting 😜😜.... Huh I don't expect anything as of now in my life.
I have a lot to talk about but I'm feeling sad all of sudden because of monku. How do I forget that?? As the time is passing am feeling more bad, it's affecting me more. Inspire of sharing this all he still dint bother why do I cry over such moron for all he did to me?? I guess all bfs are so why do j have to be grateful when at the end he pooped on all this.

I pray mom discharges soon so that