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2020-10-20 20:13:00 (UTC)

Missed pickup 😤

Shipping company never picked up my package. My instructions was that the driver will call me when they are coming. Never got a call. Instead, the driver indicated that they came by and took a picture proving that the package was not up front. Well, I wasn't told to do that. I was only told that the driver will call me which never happened. Not sure what this millennial generation is thinking. I thought out of common sense, I would at least get a call. The boxes were right behind the garage door. Anyway, there is part two to this. Rescheduled for pickup this Thursday. I was really upset. But then, I thought about it. If this is the worse case scenario for me right now, in the overall scheme of things, this is nothing. Big crap is what happened long ago. Big thing is when my daughter was born back in 2002, I found out the she wasn't biologically mine. Now that I consider is pretty big. So missing a package pickup because the shipping company has procedures that are not ideal? Haha. Yeah, I see that I got pissed for nothing. Life is still good. I just forget sometimes what really is important. 😊

So, this bad boy is going to have to stay here for at last a couple more days. Now I feel stupid for being upset about all of this. Life is still good.