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2020-11-10 16:53:35 (UTC)

November 2020 (1)


“Mishanda’s” 30 days are up on OD, so now it’s “Robin’s” turn.

Right after my last entry, in popped Marie.

Forgot about that Estee Lauder skin serum sample I ordered. It arrived yesterday. The Cashmere Mist perfume sample I also got is gorgeous.

Got my lowest sleep score of 82. I woke up a lot. Sometimes I was too hot, other times just because, and twice I had to pee. However, I’m not that tired.

The “dream people” didn’t send me any good ideas while I slept, so I’m going to do a mix of things. Maybe see if I can flesh out the not-so-innocent girl that needs police protection, see where the superhuman serial killer takes me, and share parts of my bio on PB.

When I was mentioning to Tom how I wondered if dogs were left outside to bark all the time in Florida, he had a good point when he brought up the fact that most Floridians aren’t from there any more than most Arizonans. Tom was one of the very few natives I met while living in Arizona. He also pointed out that people tend to move to Arizona when they’re younger as opposed to Florida. Yeah, 26 is pretty young. So our future neighbors are going to take whatever habits they’ve had in their previous states, depending on where they’re from. In other words, even though many northeasterners that consider dogs pets move to Florida when they get older, with our luck we’ll get stuck next to someone from Arizona or California that won’t let their dogs indoors, something I’ve never understood unless it’s a trained guard dog. Why get a dog if you’re just going to toss it outside and leave it there? Yet it’s the norm in the west, like it or not.


The two questions of the day, strictly out of sheer curiosity and not because it matters one way or the other, are as follows.

Did the drama queen really run to the pigs? It’s definitely something she would do and what she said regarding Tom, if the transcriptions were correct, suggests she did since I don’t see why she would suddenly go looking him up. She probably did the same thing in Connecticut and obviously, she was laughed out of both police departments.

But if she did go to the pigs, it makes no sense that they would run his name either if the problems she had was with me. And why would she and her brood troll me if she went to the pigs? Maybe out of frustration of being told she didn’t have a case?

The other question is whether or not it was Tom that kept me from conceiving (unintentionally or not). Well, they didn’t find my fallopian tubes to be clogged and didn’t say anything appeared to be wrong with my uterus other than a horn shape which wouldn’t necessarily cause infertility, so unless my eggs are damaged or his sperm is worthless, then yeah, I’d say it was him. Maybe not cumming really does lower a woman’s chance of conceiving dramatically. Again, that’s great that we didn’t have kids, but did I really need to go through so much emotional anguish?

Back to Tammy. The little termite hasn’t tried to get in touch with me so she’s either unaware of what I did or doesn’t know I’m behind it. A few weeks or so ago, I anonymously contacted her park, assuming she’s still there, and said I was on vacation (for when they check their visitor log and see I’m in another state), then complained about her and her daughters being mean and rude and just horrible people that I wanted looked into. Chances are, though, the bitch is blissfully unaware of it. Even if someone did get the message and all that, they’re not going to tell her about it. It was still something to do and I still feel like I have to do something until I feel it’s an ideal time to give my final peace of mind. I wasn’t kidding all those years ago when I resolved never again to let people screw me and simply walk away. Especially to this magnitude. You don’t get to cause me to have to change my number and publish books and different names and get away with it as if it’s nothing because it’s not nothing. When I’m ready to say something about the way I’ve been treated as I eventually will with them, I will not be punished for it in a court of law. I will not be punished for speaking my mind in a reasonable, non-threatening manner no matter who may disagree with it or get pissed off by it. I’m an adult. You don’t get to tell me what I can and can’t say. The question is whether or not I could be more at risk of being harassed for it in this state or Florida, especially if she’s still there. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was. I don’t think she’ll die anytime soon but I can’t see her being healthy enough to move either.

In looking at all the different possibilities as to where we may end up, we came across these "haunted" houses for sale. It was kind of strange. Aly even visited one where some people were axed to death. As much as I’d love to get a place we could buy outright and not have much of a monthly payment, those places are almost always where it’s cold and snowy and that needs a lot of work. I just can’t bring myself to move to a colder climate. I hate being cold! It’s only good for sleeping but I hate it otherwise. It’s going to be 83 degrees here today but come Friday summer’s over… I think.

I just want to get the show on the road already! I feel like I’ve been waiting for this forever. But someday I really will live where I don’t have to hear the fucking freeway and a couple of low-flying helicopters in the middle of the night when it should be quiet. Okay, maybe an occasional train in the distance but that’s it.

There was an affordable old church for sale in Texas and it actually wasn’t in that bad of condition. It had a finished apartment where we could stay until the rest of the place was remodeled and it was wonderfully secluded and out of the way. I knew there had to be a catch and that something had to be wrong somewhere with something that seemed so ideal. So we checked it out via satellite and sure enough, there’s a train track that runs right by the place. Like way too close. Otherwise, the climate, elevation, and price were ideal. It was huge as hell too. In the end, though, we’re either going to end up in a park or rural Florida but I refuse to be in a park that allows motorcycles. I’ve had enough of that shit!

Tom chatted with Virginia the other day who looks noticeably thinner and worn out. She said there was so much to do since it’s stuff that Bob used to do. I’m totally surprised she hasn’t moved but he said she didn’t mention it. Fortunately, she doesn’t need a walker anymore to get around. I guess that was only after she was recovering from her heart attack.

Later we’ll be going out to mail Aly’s jewelry since the envelope won’t fit through the mail slot. Really miss the days of being able to receive and send mail directly from the house!

I made sure to work my core and hopefully it will stop these backaches I’ve been getting all too often lately. There’s an interesting back massager I found on Amazon that’s unlike anything we’ve ever had before. In a few weeks, assuming they have tons of sales on those kinds of things that are popular gifts, I might grab one. It’d be great for most body parts.

My cancer spot has scabbed over. The scab is thick and dry. It doesn’t itch much but I have this flat, dry, scaly red patch on my outer thigh that sometimes itches. I’ve had it for a while and will have it checked out at my next appointment.


I was really hoping to wake up to find Biden declared a winner, but instead it all looks like one big confusing and conflicting event that may take weeks to tally up. Tom thinks Biden would have a much better chance if he hadn’t chosen Kamala Harris to be his running mate. I agree but not because of her color. Obama has proven that most of the country supports or at least accepts non-whites. I think it’s because she’s a woman and we live in a sexist country that is never going to change. Really, I can’t believe we still haven’t had a woman president. But at this rate, it seems unlikely we ever will. At least not in my lifetime.

I also still can’t believe anyone would ever vote for someone like Trump. I don’t know that he hates blacks or Hispanics, but I definitely believe he hates Muslims, women and gays. I wondered if he hates Jews, but Tom doesn’t think he does. Instead, he thinks his supporters think he does and that’s part of why they vote for him, because they hate them.

Well, there are certainly a hell of a lot more Jew-haters than black-haters. I think only Trump himself knows who he hates and who he doesn’t but why anyone would want to take away a woman’s right to have any control over her own body is beyond me. And why would anyone support someone with that kind of twisted agenda?

I always try to look on the bright side of negativity and if Trump wins, at least the borders should have stricter security for a while, and of course, he can’t be president forever. Also, it won’t be our rights that could personally be affected since Tom and I will never need an abortion or plan to marry the same sex, any more than Biden winning would necessarily help us in any way.

We got all excited to see they voted to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour in Florida just to find it doesn’t fully go into effect until 2026. He’ll be 69 years old then for fuck’s sake.

Right now my biggest concern is getting out of here when we plan than who’s going to be elected. I’m experienced enough to know that things rarely go our way and work out well for us. Things always take longer and just don’t end up happening the way we think or hope they will. It just seems so unfair that there are people that wish they could settle down and stay in the same place for more than a few months while we’ve been here for years and might have to really struggle to get out of here. If it was quiet and an even nicer house, we probably would have lost it with our luck, although the finances have been in our favor for several years now. So not everything doesn’t go our way.

I didn’t go out walking this morning. I’m too tired because I was up forever yesterday checking on election results as they were being updated. When I went out walking yesterday morning there were three planes in just the half-hour I was out. 2000 feet, 8000 feet, if I can hear you inside my house, you’re too fucking loud. It was so cold at just 51°. I was shivering inside my sweatshirt and hoodie. Today and tomorrow will be the last of our warm afternoons and then I guess that will be it.

We visited the “people in the hill,” as I refer to those in the cemetery since it’s on a hill. I figured why not take a walk among the dead just for the hell of it? It’s the youngest cemetery I’ve ever seen! Being from New England, many graves are hundreds of years old there. The graves are newer that are closer to the park. The freshest one I saw was in 2018. On the other side of the cemetery, I spotted a 1989 grave. There’s a mausoleum as well as an orchid where you can plant trees to remember loved ones and just about every mortuary service there is. There were some large tombstones and others were flat to the ground which I never saw in Massachusetts. They’re going to be adding another building but luckily it shouldn’t be close enough to the wall that we would hear all the construction.

Yesterday, I glanced out the window and saw long strips of wood strapped to the roof of a red SUV at the saw whore’s house. I thought, fuck no! Here we go again.

But barely a minute later I glanced out again and the vehicle was gone. They couldn’t have unloaded that fast so either saw cock was giving the wood to the red SUV or the SUV was simply visiting while it was on top of the roof.

I’ve officially dropped out of NaNo because I just can’t get into it. Nor can I get into updating my bio. I don’t want to go over the same shitty memories and experiences yet again. If I were going to do that much work, I would want to be paid for it.

Someone mentioned getting a food mill for someone for the holidays and I was like, what the hell is that? So I looked it up on Amazon and it looks like it might be a good thing to eventually get. That way I could make applesauce and tomato sauce for spaghetti and things like that.

Minnie picked up my reply yesterday but hasn’t contacted me again since. Don’t know what’s going on in her life and while it may be cool that someone thought to look me up, I don’t know if I’m really all that interested in her.


Still waiting for the presidential results.

I’ve given up on OD. Too many outages and the site runs snail slow. Yet they want people to pay for that shit?

Ended up screaming at a couple of rude ladies for allowing their mutts to come running up to me barking that weren’t on leashes. I didn’t know if they were going to bite me or anything like that, so I screamed at the one that came closest to me to get away and then at the women for not having them leashed.

“Their leashes are right here,” said one of the women holding them up.

But what good is it if the damn dogs aren’t attached to them?

I cut them off with, “I don’t care, they’re supposed to be on a fucking leash!” and walked off with the last thing I heard over the headphones that were still on my head playing music being to watch my mouth.

Fortunately, they didn’t run indoors and call the cops on me because they would have been the ones to be believed. There were two of them and one of me and they were considerably older. And knowing how most people are, they would have thrown in shit and lied, saying I either threatened them or the mutts, so I’m glad for that much. Unless you’re calling to report a stolen vehicle or something or you fear for your life, the main reason people call the cops is because you pissed them off, and they’ll throw in whatever they can as extra ammunition to get you with.

I vaguely mentioned it to Tom but not in detail because I know he would either defend them or get all paranoid and worry the pigs would soon be kicking down our doors and all that. I’m pretty sure we never met. I didn’t recognize them and I’m pretty sure they don’t know me either.

I won’t say anything on Facebook in case the Twenties hear about it and throw my name out there since you don’t have to do anything “wrong” to get in trouble. It’s just that there’s still no way to know for sure that they didn’t mention my car complaint to someone who ratted me out to the B's but I still think they had a friend in the office. It was just too soon after the counter-complaint for the B's not to have had one.


I asked him what I should name today’s blog post and he said Marissa, so Marissa it is.

Ran out to Rite-Aid for some Moscato, plus a $10 gift set containing Victoria’s Secret Love Spell-inspired scented body lotion, perfume, and a roll-on.

Disgusted that a pig gets suspended for posting on Facebook that he thinks a bullet should be put in the heads of Biden supporters and that they suspend the Twitter account of someone that said a couple of people should be beheaded. Not because of what they said but because I know that had I been the one to say such a thing, I would have had to go to jail, pay thousands of dollars, and go through all kinds of hell. I still won’t let anyone stifle my speech within reason, though. I’m not the naive little sucker I was 20 years ago either. I know it’s always best to avoid court unless you’re forced and have no choice.

At least things are looking up for Joe and Kamala! And I’m still psychic, LOL. I would rather lose more of our much-needed money to other countries in order to gain other benefits of having Democrats in charge than have another four years of a crazy dictator that hates women and gays with a passion, Not to mention that truly believes that everyone can somehow pay their own medical expenses no matter how poor they may be and that that’s the way it should be.

Tom said I would hear about racism less with Biden in power after I told him I’m almost as sick of hearing about Trump as I am about racism since Trump is the one that’s stirring that up (even though his hatred lies mostly within the opposite sex and his homophobia). Oh, I totally believe the pigs brutalize blacks. But the whites get it too. It’s just not what the media chooses to focus on. But no matter how much of everything else may be exaggerated if not downright lies to spite whites or to get ahead, too much is too much. I don’t expect the over-addressed subject to die down completely since there’s been an obsession with it since the 90s but hopefully, there will be a lot less of it.

People are getting braver, I’ve noticed. When I think about it, it really took a lot of guts for that woman to tell me to watch my mouth when I could have easily taken them both and I’m sure they must have known that. Yeah, they were taller like most people are, but I was a lot younger and probably fitter, so it took guts to say that to someone who was as pissed as I was. Believe me, I saw my own spittle fly from my mouth as I was shouting at them.

Then there was this video I saw when browsing random YouTube videos. There was no visual, but you could hear the recording a student made of this black bitch of a teacher threatening one of the students. After being told she would simply “drop her,” the student said, “Yeah, right.”

Kids these days are much more defiant than they were when I was a kid because I would have been stunned into absolute horrified silence if my fifth-grade teacher had said such a thing to me as I think most students would have. Sure enough, though, as twisted as the laws are, the student got suspended for recording her teacher when she thought she was doing the right thing. I doubt anything happened to the teacher, but I don’t know.

My skin has been so dry since we haven’t gotten any real rain in half a year, but it looks like we might get some today. Today’s the first day that’s very fall-like. It’s breezy, the leaves are coming down like crazy, and it’s nearly 20 degrees cooler.

Fortunately, he isn’t going to be working outside today. Yesterday he took care of the trapdoor where they read the meter so I don’t have to get woken up just for them to read the fucking thing when I’m asleep during the times they come around each month. He did it to make it easier for himself too, when he turns off the water like he’ll have to when he finally tackles the shower project. He put a hinge on the wooden plank and will put some foam around the edges to cushion it so they can’t slam it.

Now I know those strange “bangs” that would sometimes wake me up weren’t just dreams or car doors next door. Why do people feel the only way to close doors of any kind is to slam the holy shit out of them?

And why must every vehicle that delivers the papers be loud? At first I thought that was just an odd coincidence despite how many loud vehicles there are out there, but the park must require it. I wondered why the hell they would want something loud coming in here that early in the morning but I think it’s to warn anyone that might happen to be out at that time and not paying attention since there usually isn’t much traffic before 5 a.m. anyway.

My hip is better today but not perfect. My shoulder still hurts too. Just not much as long as I don’t use it too much. I’ve got to kick that damn front shoulder raise exercise out of my Bowflex routine!

Had a series of mish-mashed dreams that made no sense. First I was in the home of an old lady in Texas that follows me on PB. I felt bad for waking her up to ask something about her house. And then we were chatting later on when she was awake.

Then we were driving through Las Vegas and I was pissed I didn’t have my phone with me to take pictures.

Then I was in a large store and spotted a beautiful doll in the back corner of it. I arrived there with my bike and a couple offered me a ride back home if I wanted it and gave me a business card.

I headed over to check out the doll that was large and posed doing a handstand. A Hispanic family was checking it out too, crowding the doll and leaving me no room to get a good look at it. Frustrated with their rudeness and selfishness, I headed back to the front of the store where I was going through some things that were laid out on a couch before realizing someone had stolen my bike that I stupidly left unlocked. I noticed other bikes were secured with cable ties and wished I’d been as smart.

I asked the couple that offered to drive me home if their offer still stood who were sitting at a table outside the store, and at first they were reluctant. I was able to talk them into it saying it would be just a 2-minute drive down the street.


Congrats to Joe and Kamala!!! I’m not easily moved one way or the other but seeing the crowds of people shouting for joy at their victory makes my eyes sting with tears. Even if they should still be doing it from home because of the virus. :-) Still, I could hug the hell outa both Joe and Kamala right now!

It started becoming obvious that my prediction about Trump losing would be right a couple of days ago but having it officially declared is great! :-) I was a little worried the first night and shocked as well when it looked like Trump may win not just due to how many people hate Trump but because when I get a feeling that strong for that long, I’m always right. One day several months ago I awoke with the distinct feeling that Trump would not be re-elected. I just didn’t know who would be because no one knew who the candidates would be at the time.

LMAO at all the Republicans and their little meltdowns. Aw, such a shame that you don’t get to tell a woman what to do with her own life and body as easily and to keep her from “murdering” a cluster of cells with zero awareness. And isn’t it a shame that you don’t get to trample the rights of gays and lesbians?

Although…as Tom pointed out, not all Republicans are anti-abortion or anything like that. Just like not all liberals like me are okay with forking over billions of dollars to other countries.

It’s a double victory to me because of Kamala. I knew her not being white would help as I still firmly believe without a doubt from everything I’ve experienced, seen, read and heard that the majority of the country does indeed support non-whites. I still think Biden would have won even if she was as white as I am but being black/Asian certainly helped to raise those chances. It’s yet another example along with Obama and countless other successful non-whites that the old saying “no one will give me a chance” it’s a piss-poor excuse. Okay, maybe in a place like Wyoming but in most places, I think they have just as much of a chance, if not more, than the rest of us.

Having Dems in and Republicans out regardless of gender and color is what’s most important. Trump was the closest the US has ever come to having a crazy dictator and it actually got a little scary at times. Nothing he’s done or could do in the future is likely to ever affect my husband and I personally, but he was bad for the country as a whole. Acceptance of gays, lesbians and Jews really took a hit, thanks to his shit. The basic message he sent was that gays and lesbians aren’t human, Jews are shit, and women are basically scum as well who aren’t as capable and as deserving as men.

Well, guess what, Mr. Trump? I’m just as sexist as you and having Kamala for VP and hopefully one day for president, if not some other woman, is a real gem to me. :-) I’m smart enough to know women are just as capable as men along with the fact that the crime in the world would go way down if it weren’t for men.

Not too thrilled to hear Trump say he’s going to try to make a comeback in four years, though Tom doesn’t think he’ll succeed. I hope not! I wish he would just drop dead already. I guess Mitt Romney is going to try to get in which would suck. Where most people hate us Jews, I’m not exactly fond of Mormons. Too extreme, and the child collecting they do is wrong not to mention bad for an already overpopulated planet.

Speaking of the headaches men bring, it looks like the cock across the street is gearing up for a saw party. I’m guessing this due to the way he backed in rear-end first and then pulled up toward the street. I figured it was only a matter of time. I’m just surprised it took this long. I think there’s a chance Tom sawing might have encouraged him as well. Only difference is Tom uses his saw once a year or less. Not once a month or more.

When I was outside chatting with him as he was staking down the liner where he’s going to place more rocks on the back corner, it was one commercial plane, small plane, and helicopter after another. That, the motorcycles, and the projects really do stop here! Fortunately, the motorcycles haven’t been as bad as I expected them to be. I only hear them once or twice a week but that’s all it takes to wake me up if I’m asleep when they go zooming by. The cooler weather should lessen them even more but that doesn’t mean I won’t have to listen to landscaping every single day, the planes, and whatever projects people do.

Yesterday, I opened the back door and thought I was hearing thunder. Then Tom, standing in the carport said, “You can practically touch that plane.”

I stepped to the edge of the carport and could see a huge jet landing at McClellan. We didn’t see any insignia on the plane but had there been one we could have easily seen it. This wasn’t no 8000 feet but easily 2000 feet or less! It’s just fucking ridiculous here. But I’m now so used to living in noisy places that I don’t know anything else and I wonder how weird it may be to live anywhere quiet, not that I expect to ever do so. This is simply all I know now. Maricopa was the quietest place I ever lived as an adult and Auburn would have been the quietest if it weren’t for Jesse’s mutts and his own damn noise but other than that, noisy places are all I’ve lived in so I honestly can’t imagine anything different.

Tom made an appointment with Dr. A and will see her next month.

I’m going to be trying a new tooth whitener that you swab onto the teeth instead of the strips, and you only need to leave it on for five minutes instead of a half-hour.


I’m a little worried about Tom but hopefully it’s no big deal. He was out working at 11:30 when his vision started to darken and he started feeling dizzy, so he came in and found that his blood sugar had dropped to 71. He is borderline just like I am because we’re older, but it was still kind of weird for him. First I thought it was because he hadn’t eaten since 7, but then when he thought about it he said he thinks it was closer to 8 when he last ate. Hopefully, his stomach was just a little too empty for moving the rocks he’s still moving.

The trapdoor isn’t quite done (of course) even though tomorrow’s when the meter reader comes, but they shouldn’t be able to slam the shit out of it. He removed the screen so they can’t fumble around with that, and while the door doesn’t yet have weatherstripping to cushion it, it is on a hinge so it can’t be lifted as much. Whether or not they wake me up tomorrow depends on how late I sleep and how early they come. Perhaps if they come when he’s out there, he’ll ask them to take it easy.

Anyway, Tom still feels a little weak and even some achiness in his neck but he’s going to relax for the rest of the day. We’re almost never around other people these days due to the virus and when we are, we have our masks on and keep our distance, so I don’t think he caught anything like a cold or flu. These aren’t symptoms of the virus, so that’s good.

I just wonder how effective the vaccine will be once it’s available to us and if it’s something we’re going to have to get every year. If that’s the case, then would it mean we’re going to have to spend the rest of our lives trying to dodge this damn thing? I really hope there will come a day when we can go out in public without masks and having to remember to keep our distance from others but that’s hardly an inconvenience compared to getting sick after what I’ve heard some people go through.

Staying away from OD has been easier said than done. I really like that I have more anonymity there (as far as I know) and signing up with bogus emails with different names each month. I also really like how I can set the posts to expire. So I just post whenever I can access the site. I can’t believe they have a premium subscription for a site that’s hit-or-miss and that runs slower than molasses.

It hit me last night that my old dentist didn’t block me, she deactivated. You can still see people’s profile pics after you’ve sent a message to someone that you either block or that blocks you. But there’s nothing in her case. Still doesn’t explain why I couldn’t pull up Aly’s account to block, though.

Doing better at making a point of getting 10K steps a day. Sometimes I go a little over or a little under. Went for a 15-minute walk earlier and it was definitely chilly. The air was cool, but the sun was warm. It was breezy, so I tried to stay out of the shady side of the street and in the sun.

There’s a freeze warning in effect for tonight and it’s not even December. 60s is pretty average for November highs yet it’s only going to be 55 degrees tomorrow. Better for sleeping and working out but not for much else but to maybe back the motorcycles off. Haven’t heard any today. The skies are a lot more annoying than the ground.

Had a strange dream about having to spend two weeks alone in a car while he flew off to Massachusetts on account of something urgent. It was a gas car and was supposed to be able to run for at least 2 weeks or more before running out of gas. I hoped that Tom would return before it got the chance to run out and stop keeping me warm.

I sat in the car in a Walmart parking lot. It was pitch dark. I pushed the passenger door open for a minute and then closed it and blindly fumbled for the lock on the driver’s side so I could lock all the doors. First I accidentally hit the wrong button and heard a slight beep. I hit it again thinking it would undo whatever I accidentally made happen by hitting it in the first place.


A PBer in Pennsylvania that has 4 piggies (OMFG) has a bunch of nail wraps she can’t wear due to her job and we may work out a deal. I’ll have to see pictures of them first but as I told her, take her time. She said she would love to see them go to someone who could use them and definitely wouldn’t ask for full price since she got them at a discount and all that. She’s got some Jamberry strips and those are pricy.

I asked if she likes jewelry and she said yes, so we’ll see. Maybe I can make her some things as well, especially if she doesn’t ask for much. I asked what her favorite colors are.

I can’t believe how much of a following I’ve built up there! A boring stay-at-home housewife, LOL. Yet if books no longer existed, I would read journals even more than I already do. I’ve always felt at home on PB and very much a part of the community. Just can’t get into Blogger, MD or LJ in the way I can with PB.

Christiane surprised me with a message. She shared a video shot in her hometown of Leipzig showing people’s response to Biden being elected. It isn’t just the US that’s relieved to be done with Trump. She didn’t say why but she hates Angela Merkel, saying she’s like a cancer.

We exchanged a few pictures of each other. She looks great for 65! Even so, in my personal opinion, I think that’s a bit old for bikinis. Even if you stay thin, you start sagging and rolling, but to each their own. I’d rather keep my shit packed into a one-piece, but I do have some two-pieces.

I mentioned turning 55 on the 4th and would be willing to bet just about anything that I won’t be hearing from her then with any birthday wishes. I’ll still send her some pictures of Florida when we get settled.

Fitbit’s been fucked up in that it’s not logging Active minutes. It’s tracking Zone minutes and thinks I climb floors at times, but I don’t see any active minutes these last few days. Oh well. Steps are what’s most important to me.

Fitbit says I burned 1812 calories yesterday, but I don’t think that’s right. In my case, I’d say it’s closer to 1500. You usually need a 500-calorie deficit to lose weight and 1500 would make sense knowing that I usually have to go down to 1000 to lose. I look healthy, I feel good, so I’m still okay with staying right where I’m at.

Fitbit also tells Tom he should have lost more by now but at least he is losing. I’m glad too, as he’s at a potentially dangerous weight. Mine’s nowhere close to dangerous or out of hand in any way. But we can’t enjoy retirement if one of us is dead, so it’s great to see him really get into those videos for seniors that he’s been doing and finds fun.

Maybe I can convince myself to follow along, LOL. I should. Especially around the time we move so I can have more energy, strength, and endurance. For now, I’m mostly a cardio girl who walks, jogs, and uses the Bowflex a few times a week. Not Bowflexing as much, though because my legs get enough of a workout when I’m walking, and I can work my arms with my Pilates ring while watching movies. It’s more important that I focus on my core, so I do back flies and work my abs to keep the backaches away or at least lessen them. I slip my feet under one of the bars and I’m able to alternate between crunches and sit-ups.

Another possibility we’ve been discussing is buying raw land, getting a cheap tiny little dumpy trailer and staying in that until we either buy something new or renovate anything that may be there that wasn’t livable to begin with.

I still have mixed emotions about land versus a park. Yes, I want to escape the annoyances of civilization and escape to the country. I want some breathing room around me and I don’t want to have to go to bed in the daytime worrying about what loud vehicle may wake me up. At the same time, I don’t want to feel too isolated and too cut off from the real world either. Especially with us getting older. As we get older and need to see doctors more often, we don’t want to have to be on the road forever to get to one even if we’ll have the time since he won’t be working and all that. If we went rural, though, we could still return to civilization when we really started getting up in age.

A park would be a little safer and definitely nicer looking despite the annoyances. The only kind of land we can afford is in central Florida and there aren’t as many palm trees which I love.

Another advantage of central Florida is that we would be safer from storms. Storms may be cool, but we don’t want to be evacuated all the time either.

All I can say is that if I have to put up with daytime noise wherever we end up, I just want to take back the nights! I don’t want to be listening to fucking planes and helicopters at midnight and I don’t want to have to go to bed wondering if someone’s going to wake me up. Those are the biggest things right there. I need to be able to sleep.

I’m a little tired today but that’s no one’s fault but my own bladder. I woke up having to pee and couldn’t get back to sleep. Could have used another hour or so but I’m not debilitatingly tired either.


It’s so damn dry here that my brush crackles with static when I run it through my hair.

Anyway, I don’t know why, but after going for a walk with Tom and mixing in some jogging which didn’t help my hip pain at all, I came back and found myself getting very sleepy. It was almost as if the sun was oozing sedatives. I ended up lying down for 90 minutes and slept for 60 of it, according to Fitbit.

At least Fitbit is now counting my active minutes again. I’d say 35 active minutes is enough for today even though I don’t expect to get 10K steps, thanks to the pain I’m in right now. It got bad enough for Ibuprofen. Still no idea what it is but it’s either a muscle, tendon, or ligament since I don’t see what else it could be.

It was a great day for a walk. It would have been too warm if it was slightly warmer and too chilly had it been breezy.

Tom got his flu shot today and fortunately, he hasn’t had any more dizzy spells. He’s eating smaller quantities more often and that seems to help. He may be pre-diabetic.

The PlusWhite tooth-whitening stuff really works! I’m amazed. No more strips for me. I love it! I just dab it on, wait 5 minutes, and there’s a noticeable difference. I haven’t used whitening strips in a while and noticed my teeth were getting discolored again, so I thought it was a good time to try it but wasn’t sure I would like it. Well, I’m definitely sold!

I looked up Jamberry Nails and I guess they’re not all nail strips that you simply stick on. Some of them require heat and a lot more time and work, but that’s okay. I can use my portable heater or a blow dryer. That’s only if I really get them in the first place. I don’t know this person well so she could be all talk for all I know. She definitely seems to be a bit moody for my taste, so I don’t interact with her every single day.

In watching a tutorial comparing Jamberry to Color Street, I realize I’m being rather wasteful with some of my nail strips. I could cut some of them in half and get two uses out of them, especially since I don’t let my nails grow really long since that makes them such a pain in the ass. The ones with the wider ends wouldn’t be good for splitting but those that are the same width on both ends would be.

I was going to ditch the Twitter account I’m not connected with any friends on but then decided to just let it sit there and turn it into a voice account once Android gets the voice tweet feature Twitter says will be available next year. I’ll probably do a mix of text and voice on my other account but the idea is to have a place where I can tweet the highlights of my life with my voice so that if anything were to ever happen where I couldn’t write so easily, I can just talk. There’s a lot more to writing than just writing. There’s editing too. Well, there’s no editing with my voice, of course.