London Life
2020-10-20 22:47:15 (UTC)

Eat of Eden / Rebecca

Jack's bike is still being repaired - they're waiting for a part - so we got a Thameslink to Denmark Hill and then the Overground to Clapham. We were trying out a cafe called Eat of Eden which has four branches, but all South of the river.

We could made a meal of ten elements, the best of which was the seitan, which we only had because they hadn't got any dumplings. The lentil stew was also really great, and it was the best meal I've had for ages. The only drawback was that it took an hour to arrive, which is something which also happened at another South London vegan cafe we were thinking of going to tonight.

It was too much too eat actually, so I put some of it in a box for the weekend, and we walked quickly to the Archlight, a new cinema under railway arches, part of the Battersea Power Station development, which we spotted when cycling during the lockdown. Screen One was a completely separate part from the bar, box office and screen two, and we could have just walked into the auditorium, but we went to the bar to get a coffee to wash down my meal.

The film was a new version of Daphne de Maurier's Rebecca, famously done by Hitchcock in the 1940s, but they didn't try to change the story too much - except for Mrs Danvers stating that Mrs De Winter was "the woman she loved" and dying in the sea, rather than the fire - and it was still set in 1930s Cornwall. It starred Lily James, who sadly mainly wore trousers, playing a country woman of that era.

We walked over the river and got a bus home from Pimlico afterwards. It was odd to see Charing Cross Road and Camden so quiet at midnight on a Friday night, due to the pubs clubs and venues having to shut early because of Government restrictions.