London Life
2020-10-20 22:12:31 (UTC)

21 Soho

15th October 2020
Left work at 16:00 and cycled down to the osteopath in Old Street. Unlike the physio I saw before, he didn't want me to take my tights off, but he did feel the top of my buttocks (which was quite nice actually). He yanked my hips as if to change the position, and felt my foot where it hurt. He gave me some exercises to do, and told me not to run for three days. He said the bones were all right, it's just the soft tissue. He said usually he would do two or three sessions, but the girl at reception didn't ask me to make another appointment.

Jack had suggested we go to By Chloe for food next to the BBC, a vegan restaurant we stumbled across during the lockdown. I got on my bike at 17:35 and tried to be too complicated in using the Shoreditch back streets. I know all their names but not necessarily which way to go along each one, so several times I was going in completely the wrong direction and only at 18:05 (when I was already late, but so was Jack) did I decide just to go straight along Pentonville Road. Euston Road was then very quick, now it's got a bike lane.

Even after I got to the cafe, I had to find somewhere to park my bike. Jack had a small bit of fishless fish, and chips, but I tried a club sandwich. We then walked through back ways and along Oxford Street to the comedy club 21 Soho. Jack would have wanted to go to the Krishner place for Indian food, but it hasn't re-opened yet.

The club was a lot fuller than last time, when I thought the small number of chairs was a distancing thing, but it seems that's just how many tickets they sold. There were about twice as many this time. The compere was already on when we arrived.

Support was from two comediennes, one Irish in a gypsy skirt, who's humour was too messy, the other a tall girl with good delivery, in a flowery dress. It was good to see the girls walking past us to the bar, dressed sexily for a night out, after the lockdown, though one girl put her coat over her legs after I'd been admiring them, I presume not for that reason. The seats were really uncomfortable after a while.

Ivo Graham the headliner was good, he's well-spoken and is witty just in the way he puts sentences together. Afterwards I cycled home through very quiet streets. The pubs have all had to shut at 22:00 under the latest restrictions.