Rob Floyd
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2020-10-20 16:43:43 (UTC)

Quarantine Day 6

Today was a little rough. Today and last night actually. I have been taking ginseng with my vitamins, fish oil, and elderberry. I think that is a mistake. Yesterday I heard a crack around my kneecap. It felt fine at first, and for a while. I took a bath about an hour later, and immediately my knee flared up. I could barely walk on it all night. I also didnt sleep very well last night, Im thinking because of the ginseng. Im gonna stop taking it for a while and just stick with my vitamins. The knee is ok now. Its still a little swollen, but Im getting around ok. Man, getting old sucks. LOL. The Dallas Cowboys are falling apart, and of course Ive got a lot of people on Facebook letting me know about it. Cool. The Saints time will come. I hung out back with the dogs for much of the day, also took a nap for a while after the ginseng wore off. THe wife was working on the stairs all day, cleaning and sanding them to get ready to put whatever she wants on them. Back is hurting a little, presumably from laying down all day and night. But im still kinds drowsy. Will try to hit the sack early tonight. Hopefully this wont last too much longer. I got my documentation from the VA today, I took a pic and sent it in to UBer. Thats all for now.
3 things:

1. The Covid hasnt hit me too hard. I can handle it. Its kinda like the crud. No biggy. Itll pass.
2. I am grateful for a hard working wife. She has a lot of energy and drive. Unlink someon else. LOL
3. Out daughter was here this weekend and I guess she had a good time, staying in hotel rooms and going to haunted houses.