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2020-10-19 14:02:30 (UTC)

First talk for a week

I moved to University accommodation a week ago and only kinda dislike it. I look at what i would call my friendships and only see them. there always the focus and talk of me is met with disregard and annoyance. The best example I can think for this is in college: the second week I was in the college bus and said something about how my dad insists I've been getting homework and just hide it from him so he doesn't make me do it. On this the person next to me said "oh look, Stuarts talking" then continued talking about themselves. I'd like to say this is an edgy-self-indulgent teen not realizing they make everything about them but its just not. I mad one good friend that's now kinda a lover. We'd play games together but moving to Uni, I cant do that much anymore. this week I saw people I'm told are my friends but never felt like I was there. We just talked about their troubles moving in.

Me and the one I play games with would talk about each other, not just ourselves. If they think they've been talking to much, they make sure to get my opinion and have me talk about what happening in my life. they see our relationship as a rather one sided affair that helps them cope with life but they help me so much. calling them they were sososo tired but still insisted that we should talk. It was good but I expect to feel better with talking to them. It was fun having a chat with the. Even just correcting the words they use is funny for the both of us yet I just reset.

So who's most important to me? Probably them. I said before that there's a thing between us but I don't feel a romantic aspect. its fun with them but not being tied together. I'm not ever sure what this entry is supposed to involve. I just wanted something to happen maybe? But even then I don't think I should be so naïve. eh, life.