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2020-10-20 07:41:42 (UTC)

My day 😎

I have two things on my plate today. I have to be here for the shipping company to pick up my Traeger grill that accidentally got delivered. I actually ordered it from QVC but changed my mind and decided to get a different brand. I did catch it in time. Shipper said no problem. The order came in but nothing moved. They forgot and didn't pass the memo. So it is what it is. Took almost two weeks to resolved but it'll finally be done after today.

Then I got a text from Heidi last night asking if I can pick her up from the dentist. She's having oral surgery and needs a ride after so I said sure no problem. I then had to call another friend to standby and come to my place should the shipping company come here while I'm out picking up Heidi. Sigh... I'm thinking the rest of the week I got stuff lined up already till Sunday. Sheez!!! I'm not even back to work yet. lol 🥺

I also have another friend not local having a confusing and difficult time. I offered to let my friend come over and chill here in California for awhile and runaway from life. Sometimes you need to just disappear to be able to think things through. For me, I'm lucky. I'm at home chilling, smelling my new flowers I got yesterday and sipping some hot cinnamon tainted coffee :) I thinking I'm pretty lucky right now. No intense drama for awhile now. No "character building" moments and maybe it's not making me grow further as a person but I had enough learning life poop all my life so yeah.. I can smile this morning. Nice to be chilling with just minor errands to run. Life is good. Smiling like a lunatic. Which reminds me, I need to brush my teeth. Fell asleep shortly after eating a midnight snack so some hygiene is required. haha Have a good day peeps 😎