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2020-10-19 01:34:50 (UTC)

Happy & Frustrated

My license was suspended for medical reasons resulting in me having to rely on others to take me places. I’m so excited that the Drivers Safety Office is placing me on probation for a year allowing me to drive again. While on probation I have to submit medical documents to the office every three months to continue driving, this became effective October 19, 2020. I was so excited I jump in my car on Monday and drove myself to my locations. I drove cautiously and listened to my favorite radio stations. I had a few errands to run, one was going back to the doctor to gets some lab work done and the other was going to the DMV to get my license renewed, because the last two years I renewed by mail. I’m now having to come into the office to take the vision test and get an updated picture, so I took the day off from work to ensure I get this done because it’s needs to be done before my birthday which is on November 8. I get to the location and the line is literally wrap around the building so I decided to get the lab work done first and after that was done I found another location near the hospital that I went to. This location had a line also but it was much shorter than the other office however I was still in line for awhile until they started offering same day appointments to come back later. I immediately took the appointment and went to a few Dollar Tree stores and returned back to the office. I get in and sit for less than 20 mins before I was called. I get up to the representative that is helping me and take the vision test which I’m so happy I passed because I do where glasses for distance but she wanted me to take the test first without the glasses. However after doing this the representative tells me she can’t renew my license because I’m on probation. I tell the rep yes that’s correct but that means I can drive and no longer on suspension. This resulted in the rep telling me she couldn’t help me and I have to call the Driver Safety Office. I call them and ask the rep to explain this to make sure I’m understanding correctly, the rep explains that I was correct and can now drive. She then states that DMV office doesn’t understand the process and I have to request they call the Safety Office so they can explain the process to them. I then ask well is there something you can add in the system that will let them know what’s going on, she tells me no and I will need to go back up to the office and have them call the office. This will be the third time I’ve attempted to get my license renewed because the first time I tried to just go in the office pay for the renewal and do the vision test so when the suspension is removed then I would have renewed my license and could drive but because of the suspension they don’t let you pay in advance. This whole process has become so frustrating so now I have to wait until next Monday to get this done but the good thing is I can now drive. I plan on going everywhere I can go. I no longer want to be home bound.