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2020-10-20 19:09:59 (UTC)

They are tracking you.

So i have the ad blocker extension installed in my web browser as would any logical person would do. So before i never really kept a watch over there on the top right corner of the web browser where the extension sits as a small red icon. So right now as i type this the blocker is showing around 47 trackers blocked. I don't have the pro version so it doesn't go into detail but that's a high number.

Now i know as the web owner you have to allow ads to make money. It's the business model here. No denying it. Without these ads your website won't be so popular. I went on to google page. 2 trackers. As soon as i typed in a keyword and hit search it went to 12 on the page results. I went on to youtube and again around 20 trackers blocked. Hold up now the trackers on this site went upto 60!!

You can't run from it. Every fucking page you open online is tracked without your permission of course. Thats why mr facebook robot human had to go to court and settle what they can track and what they can't. In the end we are the products and our time on the internet is being sold to the highest bidder. You and me sitting there reading this where ever you are.

You want to be safe online? Sure do what i do. Don't post personal shit online what you wouldn't want others to see. It's so simple. Yet celebrities and teenagers alike shove their nude pics online thinking its safe. We all know where that leads to. It's like fishing and then blaming the fish when it is caught. I know humans can be pretty stupid at times.

Speaking of stupid the leader of this shithole who looks like Santa's long lost cousin in the hair department comes and makes the speech. Like its gonna help us. Fucking politicians and leaders got no clue what the rest of us live and go thru. He is like Trump for you guys. Big speeches and acts like a douchebag. They love him. Can't expect much from these idiots in the first place.

Oh and in other news one of the races of this country got pissed and threatened the great Amazon company to implement their language in the app. HAHAHHA fucking hell this is so absurd. These people of the race are bullies. Big ass bullies. They want their language spoken in their state or you fuck off. such are humans...