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2020-10-20 11:13:09 (UTC)

The firestarter

i think i have this knack of starting an online argument out of nothing. my latest was on twitter and my one line just diverted the topic and made it a blood bath. hhahhaa.

the thing is that the people in india have the word called "item" to describe women dancing in a cheap fashion. all thanks to the shit which is bollywood. so an item number is a cheap dance done by women in the movie surrounded by men whistling etc. you get the idea.

so there was this tweet which was trending on what women want. so i stated the two faced behavior of fucking indians all being offended by girls being called as an item and yet they sing and dance to such movies. and this just went bezerk and it was something else to watch the people react. sometimes you just gotta stand back and watch the things unfold you know..