La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
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2020-10-19 23:12:53 (UTC)

Regrets and triumphs

Diggin in to my memories, calling people back doing some reaserch has been a little overwhelming in the fact that a lot things come back to my memories of how hard it was back then, growing up, with a comlicated family, and friends that never left my side, eventhough I was a dificult caos at that time, in a way is easy to know am ready to talk about it all now, because a few years back it was still very hard to talk about any of the situations I went trough, loosing my father was one of them but I feel like all those things that one must face trough your life is very personal, is only trough your personal expirience that one get to share what was real for you in that moment, and I don't mean my mothers feelings or any of my brothers feelings get in the way of my art and creating this memoir is all I have been thinking of for the last few years, so know their is no stopig me, I will get this done, I will keep on writting whether or not I feel inspired to do so, I have already set my mind to it, and I have been doing well so far, the funny thing is I have not recive any suport from my husband what soever, and that's ok he doesn't understand how important this is for me right now, and my family well they are happy for me even though they don't undestand either, I don't let that bother me, I feel like this is what my life was ment for, in sharing my life expirience I'll get the chance to get to know the real me, the fighter, the screams I've always wanted to scream, the thoughts regrets and triumphs as well.

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