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2020-10-19 23:43:40 (UTC)

Two steps from hell.

much thanks to the universe for providing me with the tools to keep me alive and well in this time. I dont believe in a God so wont go down that road. For me a all powerful being who created the millions of galaxies and trillions of stars wont be interested with who we have sex with or the color of our skin. So sorry nope. I believe in aliens but YOUR God. I said your since you all think yours is the chosen one. Screw the matrix I ain't taking no pills. Lol. If you get the joke...

Its 2300 hrs and I'm in bed. Alone. Lights off. Listening to the album Battlecry by two steps from hell. Amazing one that is. First song I heard of theirs was to glory and also archangel. After that was hooked to them. Beautiful orchestra music that is. Give them a go. Its epic!!

The cinematic trailer for Skyrim has the tracks from that album if you ever saw it. The one wirh the hot as fuck she elt and the dude wirh the knives and the huge one who loves to smash smash. In the end its so beautiful how she drops the helmet of the dude and it falls off the cliff. Btw i had a huge crush on the elf character. Yeaa fuck me..hahhaa

Nice and cozy. Will stare at my ceiling for a bit. Then slowly drift off to sleep. Tomorrow a new day.

Fuck u all u beautiful bastards have a good one.