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2020-10-19 22:30:26 (UTC)

Douchebag alert

the stupid cunts keep raising the bar for stupidity i cant even...

So in this episode we look at how morons try to brand and promote their shit. And not give a shit.

So here comes this ad on the tele alrite. There is this paraolympion lady with medals and shit in her wheel chair telling us never to give up blah blah...the regular pep talk from the ones who made it. Typical bs. Then I wonder what is she selling us rite. Turns out she is promoting an online coding teaching institute. Now what in two worlds have these two in common? A lady who spent her life competing in sports and the other where you sit your ass in front of the computer and geek the fuck out. Completely non relative.

Thats why I have strong insecurities when the fucking bollywood fuckers promote everything from toothpaste to soda. I mean fuck sakes you are a fucking actor paid to vomit out these lines to us. You don't know shit. If I want to buy a toothpaste I want a fucking certified dentist to tell it to me. Not some celebrity or sportsman. I know this is so common in every fucking country.

People are idiots. Like really man. How do they even come up with shit like this.

In other news the show forged in fire is becoming my new fav show. To name a few
Pawn stars
Storage wars
Ancient aliens
Forged in fire
Discovery channel..fucking everything is epic in there
Animal planet since I fucking love animals.