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me and my life
2020-10-19 14:13:51 (UTC)


Mom got hospitalized today at Kharghar. As she wasn't well from past 1 month she broke down and it made me worried for her. We had to leave to Kharghar and get her hospitalized as dombivli doctors were not taking actions. They just looting money and no proper medications.
I feel like chatting with v and tell him abt mom. But I guess he is least interested. He clearly has gotten over with me but I still remember him in my good and bad times. I still feel to share things with him.
My all journals has to be about him damn... I believe it's one life and do what you feel so make mistakes, break taboo, take risks in the end you are going with nothing but your good karma not money fame or anything.
I pray. Mom to get well soon.
Tc God bless