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2020-10-19 14:47:04 (UTC)

Humans are a waste, but bodies are amazing.

The human entity as a whole is complicated. the mind and feelings and all of that shit which makes us human is faulty or still evolving. the body on the otherhand is a fucking masterpiece.

if you cunts would like to cut down on the shallow entertainment of your tv shows and dive a bit deeper into what makes the body work its fucking fascinating. i mean that's what i felt. if you dont get awe inspired then you can go back to your pathetic little existence.

on the last episode of the show they showed how a mutation in a gene can allow an artist to see a million colors more than the regular ones. There is one dude who can't feel fear. There is one lady who can sniff out disease even before the person is diagnosed for it.

Now all this is bat shit crazy if you ask me. its magnificent. the human body