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2020-10-19 11:53:35 (UTC)

sleep well

i need to sleep early. my 3am schedule isn't doing me any good. yesterday was watching the show dracula which is on netflix but i dont have netflix i used another streaming site. it was kinda okay the first episode for like 2hrs.Nothing great about the show. the thing is you have the characters set no matter what combination you have, harker and meena and dracula and van helsing all were there in a different twist.

i will sleep by 11 or max 12ish. hoping for it. just an hour in my work and i feel sleepy and drained.

yesterday was good though. slept till 3pm woke up and ate. watched tv all evening. didnt touch my phone. ive made my phone last 4 days on a single charge without going online. basically it was a since its all fucking whatsapp all the time.