Rob Floyd
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2020-10-18 17:57:15 (UTC)

Quarantine Day 4

Got a good nights sleep again last night. Dr Nyquil helped me out. I took a 2nd dose around 5 am and it kept me woozy until maybe around kickoff of the NFL games. I posted a few times on facebook about various things. Had a cup of coffee out back with teh dogs. I intended to get a workout in, but couldnt because of the drowsiness. Maybe Ill take a late night bike ride later. Definitely thinking about it. Been watching football all day. Its hard to get comfortable in my bedroom. I brought a chair in from outside but it really isnt very comfortable either. I had to open the window and say something to the neighbors about their basketball hitting the side of our house. Its stupid that I even have to say something like that to them but its been an ongoing problem for quite a while. Would anyone else put up with that nonsense? I dont even care if they wanted to come and play in our driveway on our basketball net, its just that the whole house shakes when the ball hits it. The wife will be cooped up with me for a while now too. Shes going for a covid test tomorrow. Hopefully we can avoid her getting it. I feel fine. I was just out back running around with the dogs. My head just feels a little pressure. Lungs feel fine. Not much of a cough to speak of. Doesnt seem like much of a big deal to me. But I can certainly see how it could be to someone with health problems. I just hope I havent affected anyone else in the last couple days before I realized I had it. Will check in tomorrow. Tonight Ill be watching the baseball game, Dodgers/Braves, winner goes to WS to face the Rays. Theres also a football game on, 49ers vs Rams. See ya tomorrow. Wife made some chicken soup. Im sure itll be delicious. I wont be able to taste a thing, but Im sure it will be!