London Life
2020-10-15 21:13:13 (UTC)

14th October

At lunchtime I went to get my brake-blocks replaced, but the man in the shop said they haven’t got any in stock, and when I asked when he’d get some, he said he didn’t know. Apparently they also told Jack recently to order some himself, and he got them online from the same bike shop group! I banked my aunt’s cheque and had to wait some time for Jack outside the box-park. As I’d forgotten my phone, I spent the waiting time looking at passing girls’ legs – plenty of mini-skirts about, many with boots, and three with over-knee boots, though these weren’t with heels. We had our usual katsu curry, not time for a coffee as I had to get my bike from opposite the heavy rock venue.

After work I cycled down to Somers Town – having found the right tool to tighten my brake cable, so at least I could stop the bike, albeit with a very strong, grinding squeeze of the brakes. The community centre was open again, but there was a strange woman there who knew nothing about our group. I met Charley, who I haven’t seen since before the lockdown - she was part of our victorious quiz team I organised - but I found it hard to talk and chat at the same time. My running was better than last week, not such agony, but I felt slow and my ankle still feels as if it’s not taking my weight. CJ and Cas met us there, and Sally a bit later after phoning me while stuck outside the gate.

I worked with Cas and we had a bit of a chat, then we all swept leaves at the small side. Suzanne took a lot of pictures, which were better than the one I took. I had to run back with Charley before cycling home, where we had mushroom risotto and garlic bread.