Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2020-10-15 13:44:12 (UTC)

I wasn’t doing it for an incentive

My Mom tells my brother to do all the dishes and he’ll get icecream. Later my Dad sees my brother doing the dishes by himself and tells me to go help him. At first I got angry because I’m being told what to do (yes I can admit when I’m being childish) but i take a quick breath and calm down right away to go help my brother. My brother “catches” me helping him and goes, “Oh, trying to get some of MY ice cream??”
“No.. I’m TRYING to do what dad told me to do”
And he gave me a very defensive and agitated “okay”
damn, am I not allowed to help someone without any demand of an incentive?
I could’ve told dad “well mom promised him a whole pint of icecream if he does it”
I also could’ve asked, “hey can I have a couple bites of your icecream if I help out?”
But no, I didn’t do anything but keep my mouth shut and lend a helping hand and I got attitude for it.

And yes I still stood there and washed all the dishes for him.