Rob Floyd
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2020-10-15 12:48:26 (UTC)


I havent written in quite a few days. Been partying a lot. Sunday night was with Jimmy at Annettes' bar in Gulfport. Those guys party hard there. I had to crash on his couch for a few hours. Got up around 6 am then headed home. Wife didnt really seem too mad, although she probably has every right to be. Late last night and this morning, I had a fever and chills. The wife wanted me to go get tested. So I did. I got the results back a little while ago. I am positive for covid 19. I really dont feel too bad, just maybe like a head cold. Im out of work until the 30th of Oct, and I get paid for the days I am supposed to work. I will try to stay on here and transcribe my expericences for anyone who cares to read them. The wife works for a lot of older folks, so she may be out of work for a while. It sucks. Mom is supposed to come down and stay with us for the winter. She was coming next week, about 10 days from now. We'll have to see if she needs to delay her plane ticket.