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2020-10-15 23:07:35 (UTC)


When i'm low i do some online shopping to cheer me up. Something unplanned and spontaneous. I never go searching for it. It has to come to me, or else won't work. So i did just that.

I bought a complete edition of LOTR and Hobbit for around 900 bucks. One of my all time fav movies so it was an obvious choice.
I bought a book on Schrodinger's cat cause i love physics in general.
I bought a book on Ultralearning.

Will be delivered next week or so. Fucking wait is the worst.

I never spend on clothes much cause they never have my size. being underweight sucks as much as being overweight. Can't get shit for your size. I am very cautious with electronics since like Midas touch nothing lasts for long with me no matter how well i treat it. I never trust headphones reviews since i don't listen to current garbage and the review people just seem to play those songs with beats and shit. What they say is super is absolutely not the case. I made the mistake once. Never again.

So books and stationery is a safe bet. Something i use a lot. Can't go wrong.

Even in general when i shop I'm very quick about it. It takes me just a few seconds to go from seeing it for the first time to purchasing it. Once i don't like it, very hard to change my mind..I do like a Terminator view scan in my head. Onboard display i run through the purposes of the item. The cost to value for money. And if i really need it all done in a few seconds. But my grandma and mom. Holy shit fucks they will nit pick everything from color to design and ask such questions which make me wanna run away from the shop..Womeeeennnnn! Haahah.