Life of a High Schooler
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2020-10-15 01:37:18 (UTC)

Yes Another Entry(just need to vent)

I went to youth group and I feel really comfortable talking to the group of girls that I’m with, so I told them how my 12 year old sister called me a whore and that I was a terrible person. She had also brought up my dad. A little bit about my past real quick. My dad was an alcoholic when I was younger and would beat me and my half brother. He was never home and he would always yell at me. My dad has only recently started giving me attention because I tried to kill myself a year ago. I was in the mental hospital for a week. Anyways so afterwards my sister tried to drown herself. She is now at a mental hospital. I told my youth group that, then my older step sister(by 2 months) started yelling at me in front of everyone.(just an fyi my step sister that yelled at me was also the one who told the entire SCHOOL about how I tried to kill myself) so she told my step dad and he started yelling at me which gave me an anxiety attack and my mind sent flashbacks of my past. I am literally trembling typing this because of all the memories. My step dad also said that my attempt to suicide was just to get attention, along with my recent self harm... God I have a fucked up life.... Someone please take me away from here. My step family is so toxic and I always get yelled at.